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We will have books listed here, starting with my first one, and eventually we will have more non-fiction, and ideally followed either by fantasy or fiction novels. Although, there is always the possibility of more non-fiction down the road.

White, Canadian and Muslim


White, Canadian and Muslim in a world which often fails to provide the safest haven for all. A minority within a minority, Sami will continue to grow within it while hoping for an even more diverse world. To achieve a semblance of peace and greater understanding of the world, he finds refuge in a different world that was created within the realms of technology. Within that world is knowledge, entertainment, friendship and so much more. In the end, technology allows for the propagation of writing, videos, lectures and everything the mind can imagine.

Love Letter To Cleopatra


Within this letter are the memories, thoughts and soulful feelings that was for a woman Sami dubbed Cleopatra. She was everything he could imagine in a woman, as she was kind hearted, sweet, intelligent and beautiful.

His words are powerful and filled with immense sorrow. He takes us through his journey from the past, as he revisits it one last time so the world can understand the tragic emotionally filled past.

Got Asperger's?


Within a world full of disadvantages around us, Asperger’s contains some of the most unique qualities most people wished they could possess. The ability to create beauty like no other helps in forging a better experience.

Within the confines of this book, you will find the journey of someone with Asperger’s, and the revelations that it entails. Life has a different meaning when you start understanding yourself after decades of frustrations.

If anything, Asperger’s makes sense of actions, reactions and heightened senses that no one else could understand, as they are not aware of how specific situations or feelings actually feel like. Asperger’s is not a curse, yet can be difficult to comprehend at times.

Keeping The Best For Last


Knowing each other for nearly a decade, Sami wanted to lavish his wife, Zeinab, with the only true gift she ever wanted above any other. A letter dedicated to her was written, which was one of the few things Zeinab always asked her husband for.


Enclosed within this book is the essence of a wordsmith, containing reminders about how wondrous his wife is as a human being. Throughout her life, she has always been there for others, regardless of their background. Despite any adversity she may have encountered, she has always endured and faced any challenges that came her way.

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